Sitter Responsible Use Guidelines

The Sitter Club by Nic x Syd is a babysitter referral and screening service that strives to match top-notch Sitters with great Families throughout NYC. As a potential Sitter, you must provide truthful and honest information and documentation in order for The Club to complete the vetting process.

Once accepted and invited to join The Sitter Club, a Sitter must agree to:

  • Pay a $50 membership fee.

  • Consent to a background check.

  • Be responsible for creating an account through the online portal.

  • Update availability on a weekly basis through the portal.

  • Only Sit for Families they met through The Club when booked through the portal. A Sitter Club Family and Sitter may not contact one another without The Club’s consent. All Sit requests must go through The Sitter Club unless notified otherwise.

  • Not book a Sit through the portal without The Club’s consent.

  • Be on time to Sit. 15 minutes early is on time, on time is late!

  • No alcohol consumption or smoking while babysitting.

  • No personal errands will be run while babysitting.

  • No personal friends or family in a Sitter Club Family’s home.

  • Learn the house rules and ‘Game Plan’ of each Family.

  • Not share or post photos of children or the inside of a Family’s home.

  • Inform parents about what happened during the Sit.

  • If you need to cancel a Sit, do not contact the Family. You must contact The Sitter Club if you need to cancel. That way we can find the Family the coverage they need. (See Strike Policy).

Strike Policy

  • 3 strikes, you’re out.

  • We are very reasonable and understanding at The Sitter Club. However, Strikes include, but are not limited to:

    • Canceling a Sit.

    • Receiving a legitimate complaint from a Family.

    • Consistently late for Sits.

    • Consistent bad reviews from Families.

    • No call, no show is an automatic 3 Strikes.

    • If you work with a Sitter Club Family that we have matched you with behind our backs, we will automatically charge a $100 fee to your card on file and you’re out. Families agree that they will not contact Sitter Club Sitters without our permission. If a Family contacts you outside of The Sitter Club to set up a Sit, they are stealing from our services. Reminder: if a Family is shady with us, they will inevitably be shady with you somewhere down the line.

A Sitter is not an employee of The Sitter Club. A Sitter agrees that they will not assert any claims or institute any legal proceedings against The Sitter Club arising out of the services rendered to them on behalf of The Sitter Club. All Sitter payment comes directly from the Families they choose to work with. A Sitter is responsible for managing their own taxes. While we do research each Family, we do not run a formal background check and the Sitter chooses to babysit at their own risk.